Strangles Vaccination

We strongly recommend that all horses, ponies and donkeys are regularly vaccinated against the most common diseases.

Course of 2 injections

1st vaccination

2nd vaccination - 4 weeks after

High Risk - re-vaccinate every 3 months

Medium Risk - re-vaccinate every 6 months


Clinical Signs

Change in demenaour - depression, loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing

Lymph nodes may abscess and discharge around the throat/jaw area

Sudden high temperature

Nasal discharge

Pain and swelling in the throat area

Occasional coughing


Diagnosis and Treatment

If suspected, the vet may take blood samples, nasal swabs or gutteral pouch swabs/washing.

The horse must be isolated and kept dry and warm.

Give the horse soft palatable feed and apply hot compress to any abscess.

Do not allow new horses to enter the premises unless they can be kept in strict isolation.

Maintain strict hygeine - cleaning and disinfection are especially important.

Investigate cases that last longer than 6-8 weeks.