Routine Pet Health


We strongly recommend that all dogs, cats and rabbits which go into a public area or mix with other animals be vaccinated annually to protect them from the major infectious viral diseases.

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There are a range of specialised products and diets designed to provide appropriate nutrition for pets during the various stages of their life-cycle. Our vets and nurses can advise you on recommended diets for particular conditions such as joint stiffness or kidney problems.

There are often special offers and trial sizes available - VIP club members are entitled to 5% discount on all food.



We can recommend a range of products to rid your pet of fleas/worms and prevent re-infestation. We can also offer advice and treatment for pets that have developed itchy skin conditions, ask one of the team about our dedicated dermatology clinics.

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For most owners the fact that your pet will not be responsible for a litter of potentially unwanted puppies or kittens is the main reason for neutering. The benefits also range from correcting behavioural issues to lowering the risk of fatal cancers.

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'Identichip' is a tiny microchip with an identification code unique to you and your pet. It is injected under the skin in the same way that the vet regularly vaccinates against diseases.



We always try to examine your pet's mouth as part of our routine health checks. We all know how uncomfortable tooth ache or sore gums can be and it is just the same for your pet.