Puppy Parties

Our puppy parties are a fun way to improve your puppy's behaviour and introduce them to new friends and experiences!


Puppy Socialisation

During your puppy's first 16 weeks it is essential that they are exposed to the wide range of everyday experiences they will encounter throughout their life.

A puppy that has not had the correct socialisation within this time may become nervous, afraid or aggressive as an adult.


Booking a place

Places are available to all puppies who have received their 2nd vaccination. Just sign up for three consecutive sessions; these are held mid-week evenings from 7.30pm.

During the parties you will be given information on all aspects of puppy care. It will also give your puppy time to get used to coming to the vets and getting weighed and examined. 


If you would like to enjoy the benefits of puppy parties please contact reception on

reception@aireworthvets.co.uk or 01535 602988