Some products on offer are water resistant, some can be used from 2 days old and some eliminate ticks, lice and mites as well as fleas. Injections and tablets are also available that prevent the fleas reproducing.



Your pet can pick up fleas whenever they go outside from the environment and other animals. Once entering your home the flea eggs can end up in your carpets, furniture and beds. They can remain dormant for many months before hatching and continuing the cycle.

Fleas will bite dogs, cats and humans! Some pets become sensitised to the bites and develop itchy, uncomfortable skin conditions.

You can check for fleas using a flea comb; brush your pet's fur and empty the brushings onto a piece of white paper. Flea dirt looks like black flecks, if you wet these and they turn red/brown - your pet has fleas!

You need to treat both your pet and your home otherwise the cycle will just continue.



These insects attach to your pet and drink their blood. The tick will feed until it is full and then will drop off your pet. You can remove the tick manually but this risks leaving the tick's mouth parts behind which can cause infection. It is important to rid your pet of ticks as they can carry Lyme disease which also affects humans.



There are several types of lice which can be found on both dogs and cats. Lice are either 'biting' or 'sucking' insects that can cause irritation to your pet.



Some mites will burrow under the skin causing a highly irritating skin condition called mange. Other surface mites can cause itchy skin in your pets and scabies in humans. Ear mites can also affect your pet causing scratching, shaking or rubbing of the head.