Herpes Vaccination

We strongly recommend that all horses, ponies and donkeys are regulalrly vaccinated against the most common diseases.

Course of 2 injections

1st vaccination - from 6 months old

2nd vaccination - 28 days after (approx 4 weeks)

This is followed by a booster every 6 months


To protect against abortion in pregnant mares, vaccines are required at 5, 7 and 9 months of gestation.


Clinical Signs

Fever - high temperature, dullness

Coughing and nasal discharge

Neonatal foals can show signs of weakness, jaundice, respiratory distress and death usually occurs within 3 days of life

Older foals will show signs of coughing and nasal discharge

Abortion of pregnant mares usually between 4-8 months of gestation

Neurological disease - recumbency, uncoordinated limbs, urine dribbling/retention


Diagnosis and Treatment

Horses showing any signs should be isolated and a vet called immediately.

Several tests are available which the vet may consider necessary to confirm a diagnosis.

Treatment may include - anti-inflammatory medication, antibiotics, cathertisation if the horse is unable to pass urine, IV fluid therapy if the horse is dehydrated.

Strict barrier nursing should apply and the stables and equipment kept as clean/disinfected as possible.