Herd Health Planning

We offer herd health planning and strategy to target performance limiting issues. Our vets are available to discuss problems, offer solutions and conduct herd health investigations.  

What will the plan cover?

Following an assessment of the livestock and health records, producers will identify their main priorities for maintaining healthy and productive animals.

Vaccination of diseases such as Johnes, Leptospirosis, BVD, IBR, TB, Calf Pneumonia, Salmonella, Husk and Ringworm.

The plan will set out the preventative measures and proposed treatments to address the main health threats that have been identified on the farm.

Parasite control - looking at fluke, lungworm, intestinal worms, lice, flies and ticks.

Routine measures taken for prevention and control of foot problems e.g. examination, trimming, foot-bathing. We recommend all foot trimming is carried out by someone qualified in this role with the National Association of Cattle foot trimmers and/or NPTC.

Target cases for mastitis is an element looked at with routine preventative measures considered and assessed.

The vet will look at young animal management and husbandry procedures.

Veterinary related operations will be recorded e.g. disbudding, dehorning, castration, removal of supernumerary teats as well as casualty and dead stock.