Equine Services


We use safe and effective methods and equipment when castrating your horse. Castration is a service we can offer within the practice and occasionally at your yard.

Castration can take place at any age, providing that both testicles have dropped into the scrotum. If only one testicle has descended this is known as a rig - this will require a general anaesthetic to remove the retained testicle.

Standing Castration                                                             

Surgical Castration                                                             





JMB Measuring

We provide a measuring service for horses and ponies following the guidelines issued by the Joint Measuring Board (JMB).



Lameness is one of the most common conditions we see in a horse. Your horse may be admitted for a lameness investigation or 'work up' in order to accurately diagnose the cause.



We provide many years of experience and expertise regarding equine reproduction. Aireworth Vets is a BEVA approved AI practice.

Artificial Insemination                 

Embryo Transfer                   



Riding Establishment Inspections

All establishments that use horses, ponies or donkeys for hire to paying customers on their own premises or in public areas require a licence to operate under the Riding Establishment Act 1964 and 1970. 



A vetting is an examination conducted in 'stages' following a particular format. The horse is assessed in terms of its suitability for purchase for a given use. Different criteria assume different importance for different uses.